Monday, 30 March 2015

A new build for 2015 - Super Pershing Pilot (Part 1)

In early January I was reading through old scale modelling magazines when I came across a feature about a spectacular-looking machine offered by HobbyBoss in 1/35.  

In its normal guise it was a kit that wouldn't have interested me, but with its extra armour welded to both the glasis plate and gun mantlet, the story was different.  A little research told me that indeed, this beast really existed, and did I mention part of her extra mantlet armour was supposedly from a knocked out Panther?  Even more interesting!

In the photo above you can see I have the suspension all set up to depict this tank with a nose-down slant, due to the extra heavy armour.  This wasn't a kit option, so believe me when I say I regretted the decision during the building process. I will see if it was worth it at the end of this build. If you build this kit note that there are no poly caps to hold on the road wheels during test-fits, so I had to use yellow tack which isn't ideal. 

There are ejector pin marks everywhere and in the photo above you can see one I forgot, but luckily went back in to wipe from existence with my trusty sanding sticks. Did I mention this kit includes a full engine option?  Well it does and it's rather nice.

And here she is fitted roughly in place.  There is one part in the instructions that doesn't make sense, and that's the fitting of one belt to a radiator which seemingly floats in mid-air on one end! Sadly, most of my hard work will be hidden, even with the engine access hatches removed. Note to self: fix that wonky rad/cooling fan.

Okay, so that's all I've got for this one right now. A lot of hard work ahead of me but now it's starting to look like something I'm enjoying the build once again.

See part 2 HERE

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