Monday, 30 March 2015

1/35 Tamiya Schwimmwagen - fini! (completed 2014)

Here are the photos of my completed little Schwimmwagen, a really fun and uncomplicated kit. (Click on an image for a larger view).

I originally planned to apply some sort of camo but after mixing and applying my lightened (faded) version of dunkelgelb, I decided against it,

This photo is the only proper one I took of the interior and it's a WIP of effects achieved with oil weathering.

I wanted some colour contrast so added white 'visibility' markings on all four corners of the vehicle.  Try as I might, I wasn't able to find one photo of a Schwimmwagen with them, therefore I'm claiming artistic licence! 

Here you can clearly see the white 'visibility' paint on the front bumper, along with an old chain that I weathered up and added for a little extra visual impact.

In the photo above you can hopefully see the layers of paint, scratches, chipping and fresh rusty patina kept reasonably (for my builds) minimal. Notice the fuel stains around the two fuel caps.

The interior has also been weathered and a few little accessories added. Hope you can see the wood grain added to the oar.

The leather strap for holding up the prop assembly (which is hanging loose in the photo) is made from Tamiya tape painted brown; this was weathered, along with the whole lower chassis, by spraying a thin coat of Tamiya buff to represent dust,  I also added a little wire buckle to the belt.  The belt itself is attached to a bracket made from soda can aluminum.

I applied quite a few layers of chipping to the rear areas, both German grey to represent this vehicle's original colour, and also a darker, fresher shade of dunkelgelb (dark yellow).  To the exhaust guard I added some primer-red chips along with the gray.

Okay, so that's it for this build, so on to the next!

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