Monday, 30 March 2015

1/35 Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor (Part 1)

After enjoying Tamiya's Schwimmwagon, I decided to see what I can achieve using my combined model building/painting knowledge to-date on the old Quad Gun Tractor kit.  I like the look of these old trucks/tractor units.  To my eyes, the British Commonwealth and America had the most visually pleasing trucks; the Germans had the cool-looking and hard-hitting armour.

But anyway, there are no firm plans for this build, just dive-in and enjoy!  I think this will be my philosophy for the new year, just to start building and see what happens along the way. Fun, learning new modelling techniques and about the subjects I build, and an eye-catching model (because it looks nice to my eyes) being the ultimate goal.

So far, so good.........chassis is assembled and the engine is ready to drop in.

There's not a lot going on inside but there's seating for six.   It's possible to add aftermarket parts or scratch build extra details; in this case I plan on neither..........

No matter what I tried, there was a largish gap between the bonnet/hood and the arch/fender.  I looked at my photo references which indeed showed there was quite a large gap on the real vehicle, but not as large as the kit would have it depicted!  In an enthusiastic attempt to lessen the unsightly appearance of the void on either side, I cut some plastic card to the shape of the arch which I then attached with super glue behind the bonnet/hood's sides.

Overall this kit builds into a great-looking vehicle.  There are plenty of minor imperfections to deal with, but for a kit this age (not to mention reasonable price), I'd still give it a big thumbs up. 

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