Monday, 30 March 2015

1/35 Tamiya Quad Gun Tractor (Part 2)

I have a few builds on the go at the moment but am managing to get some work done on all of them, albeit, very little work. This Tamiya gun tractor goes together with no real problems despite the kit's age, and the only real work is the filling of the many injector pin marks. 

Here's the completed chassis in primer and ready for paint. I'm still undecided on the paint scheme so all work stops at this point until I make my final decision.  I must do something different because every modeller and his dog (or cat) has built this kit and I want something original, although this being said, I may relent and choose a much time-tested scheme if I'm short of inspiration. I must point out that the underside of the chassis is well detailed, especially considering it's a 1974 kit.  

I'll let my captions do the talking for the photo above, but as you can see, I couldn't resist some small modifications and fabricated myself a small roof-rack/shelf of sorts. 

And here's 'the rack' with a steel drum stowed - all it needs is some scale rope to secure the load.  I took this route as the roof is a large flat surface area which needs to be broken up to provide some visual interest.  I imagined I was the driver of this truck and wanted to stow some drums on the roof, but had limited resources - how would I do it? Some scrap metal and a welder provided by the maintenance depot and et voila! 

Isn't scale modelling fun?! :)

See the final reveal HERE


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