Saturday, 11 February 2017

1/35 Trumpeter's - E100 Heavy Tank (Part 4)

Hello everyone! I'm back again with some more update photos of this project. As a raw, recently-manufactured and unpainted turret on a 'red-oxide' hull was by far too much of the same tonal value/s (and not pleasing to my eyes), I  decided to use some camo to break up the colour and add some interest. 

Click on photo to magnify image

In reality, had this been a real machine I can assume only the side-skirts would have received camouflage, and maybe the front/rear hull, however, as I am planning to have some of the side-skirts missing I decided to continue the camo pattern across the upper deck.  In these photos you might notice I have started to chip the yellow and also added a pin-wash.  

Click on photo to magnify image

More soon...............