Monday, 7 August 2017

E-100 Heavy Tank - '46 'Paper Panzer' (part 6)

Due to moving house, long hours working with my business, and starting to learn Japanese, modeling has taken a back seat in daily life, however, when I do get a few minutes spare, I put in some work on my E-100 super heavy tank!

Here are a few sneak peaks of the build so far.......

Above: here is a good view of the hull.  Late-war machines would not likely have had camo on the upper surfaces due to paint shortages, however, there is some thinking behind my decision, and that is  -  if I decided to leave all or some of the side skirts off at the end of the build, I would need some colour to break up all that 'red oxide'.

Above: I am getting very close to completion.  In this photo you can see I have added some wire to the spare track links on the turret. Also, you can see the hull has been considerably 'knocked back' in colour due to the dust and grime accumulated during fighting in the city (on the news, have you seen T-72s fighting in middle eastern cities? They are very weathered and super battered!). In this photo I have done no work on the tracks as yet.

The next post will be my final reveal.

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