Saturday, 3 June 2017

E-100 Heavy Tank - '46 'Paper Panzer' (Part 5)

It's been a while since my last post, but I have indeed been busy with this project when time allows. I am sharing with you some 'work in progress' photos as I commence the weathering process.

Photo above: My 'steel' road wheels and weathered hull are more or less complete.
at this stage.  

Photo above: I used a mix of weathering pigments & acrylic paint for the 
weathering effects.

Photo above: the exhausts now have 'real' vertical bars inserted inside; I drilled out the molded ones and used very fine stretched sprue to make my own.  

Photo above: the turret on my model represents one fitted as a replacement at some point, but a turret that was unfinished with regards to having primer or any finishing touches, thus I opted for a rather 'raw' look which was further beaten-up by natural elements and urban combat.

Photo above: the dusting has begun!  On this model I decided to also paint and weather the underside.

Photo above: one of the schurzen that has seen some action.  If you study real ones in period photos/movie footage you'll notice just how beaten-up they got.  Just a hedgerow can scratch the paint which then proceeds to rust in the often  damp European climate, so urban fighting would certainly assure a vehicle got rough-looking pretty quickly.

Photo above: a weathered track link that hangs on the turret's side. I have the 'proper' rust pigments for this job, but for some reason have always preferred my own mix of artist pastels.


  1. Very nice job my friend. I hope to see the end of this projet very soon.

    1. Thanks for looking, Alain :) I also hope to see the end of this project very soon! lol

  2. Only one word my friend : amaizing !!!