Saturday, 3 June 2017

E-100 Heavy Tank - '46 'Paper Panzer' (Part 5)

It's been a while since my last post, but I have indeed been busy with this project when time allows. I am sharing with you some 'work in progress' photos as I commence the weathering process.

Photo above: My 'steel' road wheels and weathered hull are more or less complete.
at this stage.  

Photo above: I used a mix of weathering pigments & acrylic paint for the 
weathering effects.

Photo above: the exhausts now have 'real' vertical bars inserted inside; I drilled out the molded ones and used very fine stretched sprue to make my own.  

Photo above: the turret on my model represents one fitted as a replacement at some point, but a turret that was unfinished with regards to having primer or any finishing touches, thus I opted for a rather 'raw' look which was further beaten-up by natural elements and urban combat.

Photo above: the dusting has begun!  On this model I decided to also paint and weather the underside.

Photo above: one of the schurzen that has seen some action.  If you study real ones in period photos/movie footage you'll notice just how beaten-up they got.  Just a hedgerow can scratch the paint which then proceeds to rust in the often  damp European climate, so urban fighting would certainly assure a vehicle got rough-looking pretty quickly.

Photo above: a weathered track link that hangs on the turret's side. I have the 'proper' rust pigments for this job, but for some reason have always preferred my own mix of artist pastels.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

1/35 Trumpeter's - E100 Heavy Tank (Part 4)

Hello everyone! I'm back again with some more update photos of this project. As a raw, recently-manufactured and unpainted turret on a 'red-oxide' hull was by far too much of the same tonal value/s (and not pleasing to my eyes), I  decided to use some camo to break up the colour and add some interest. 

Click on photo to magnify image

In reality, had this been a real machine I can assume only the side-skirts would have received camouflage, and maybe the front/rear hull, however, as I am planning to have some of the side-skirts missing I decided to continue the camo pattern across the upper deck.  In these photos you might notice I have started to chip the yellow and also added a pin-wash.  

Click on photo to magnify image

More soon...............

Sunday, 8 January 2017

1/35 Trumpeter's - E100 Heavy Tank (Part 3)

Being a semi-fictional subject (the hull existed while this particular turret didn't) I am not strictly tied to any particular colour scheme, so decided to paint my turret to represent a recently manufactured turret that hasn't even had its primer coat applied.

Photo above: just as I did with the hull in my previous post, I applied texture using Mr. Surfacer (click here for more info) and as there are no welds represented on this kit as supplied by Trumpeter, I made my own using putty (click here for more info).

Photo above: first I used the 'black & white technique' to create some interesting tonal contrasts under the base coat. Second came the base coat itself, and this was produced using highly diluted rusty tones which represent steel plate that has been exposed to the elements. I concentrated my darker tones in the lower turret areas and regions that would be in shadow, while the higher areas, especially the top surfaces where light would naturally fall, were significantly lightened.  The reason the paint is highly diluted is to allow the 'black & white technique' beneath to heighten the tonal effects I'm trying to create.     

Finally, I carefully airbrushed some black along my welds to represent burn marks, and then went in with some silver colored paint for the welds themselves which although may now look overly bright, will be knocked right back down with future weathering techniques.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I have learned to go really bright at this stage if I plan to weather my model - and I mean really over-exaggerate the colours - because if I don't, all my previous hard work will be more or less obliterated.