Saturday, 28 March 2015

1/35 Academy Jagdpanzer 38(t) 'Hetzer' (Part 2 - primer and base coat)

With grey primer on the hull I'm able to address any problems that didn't show up before hand, and believe me, there are ALWAYS some!  

My little modifications also begin to 'pop' when the primer's added - exciting! 

Okay, so I have my grey primer down and my fixes are completed.  There are no photos of the next stage but it was just the addition of airbrushing a pre-shade along panel lines. Next up was to add my base coat which is a delicious interpretation of red-oxide.

This paint decision will probably aggravate purists, but I'm building this Hetzer using what I view as a perfectly acceptable philosophy to the late-war situation (plus this is a fun hobby to escape the confines presented by everyday life - not that I need an excuse to do as I wish with my kit! haha.

I'm glad I damaged the rear mud guards/fenders.  In reality they were very thin and most period photos show that they were normally pretty bent of out shape. Like I previously mentioned, I sanded the fenders down so they were pretty thin, and thus easy to manipulate.

The brackets that hold on the skirts bent and broke more times than I care to mention during this build. Maybe it's a good idea to add them nearer the end...................

Hey, someone in the factory found a green road wheel from another Hetzer, and  of course, they immediately fitted it to my machine, just to break up the monotony of red. Notice I have used the later 4-hole idler wheel (Academy kindly supplies this with their kit; in fact they supply 3 different types!). 

Hetzers sporting 4-holed idler wheels were produced and saw action during  WWII - see photos above.  I went on a mammoth photo hunt mid-build and found enough evidence that this was the case (not that it really matters when I'm building a red-oxide Hetzer......ha!).

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