Friday, 6 May 2016

1/35 - Tamiya 251/9 Kanonenwagon (Part 1)

As if I didn't have enough builds going on right now, I decided to of course embark on a new project. This is a very common habit among modelers, and I'm sure anyone reading this knows exactly what I mean. 

Anyway, this time I plan on building an abandoned 251 half-track and a base to accompany the machine - the 251 will be depicted as though it was either rammed or purposely driven off the road and down a steep embankment where it will sit at an angle of approx. 50 degrees.
Being affordable (and even more so being in the spring sale), the 1/35 Tamiya kit was my choice, after all, if I ruined the model it wouldn't matter too much. However, this hopefully won't happen so I look forward to bringing my vision to life.......... ;)
I was pleased to find the front suspension was workable and the wheels could be turned - this saves me some work as I will need this option.
The interior isn't too bad at all and is perfectly acceptable for my purposes - I am interested in building an interesting scene, not a 100% scale replica. 
Click on photo for larger image.

Above is a quick 'thinking-out-loud' of what I intend to work on - this certainly has the makings of a fun project and I'm quite excited by the prospect of attacking the 251 with my 
airbrush. I have already started building the base so if you want to see more please feel free to check-in again some time.

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