Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My completed - Tamiya 1/48 Heinkel He-162A-2 'Abandoned'

''In 1945, as our forces advanced into Germany, we often came across abandoned airfields,
plenty of which had operable enemy aircraft still lined-up and ready to fly, others left in
varying states of decay whether through being simply unrepairable, damaged beyond repair by our a ground-strafing aircraft, or vandalised by their own ground crews to stop them falling into our hands - these machines were the perfect war trophies to be dissected by both our military technical experts and the ever-present souvenir hunters alike................''

''It’s late November, 1945, LeckGermany:

The war in Europe ended almost 7 months ago, and abandoned in the corner of a large,
shattered hangar sits a futuristic, if somewhat peculiar-looking fighter aircraft with a BMW jet engine sitting atop its slender fuselage.  She appears harmless now, her 20 mm machine guns long-since removed; she's covered in dust and grime from months of dereliction, her unpainted fuselage dulled, and the grey putty that covers some of her panel lines discoloured.'' 

''Just before the war ended, I clearly remember the ‘on-the-ball’ sergeant that discovered this particular machine was booby-trapped……We never expected her to still be here all these months later - the lieutenant reckons she was 'made safe' back in May and that the stark danger warnings, crudely painted on wood, were left in place by someone with a dark sense of humour or to dissuade would-be souvenir hunters like us.'' 

''Either way, none of us want to have survived the war just to be killed rummaging around this old piece of junk..............''

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